D*TOURS™ : Audio Guide New Generation

On January 2003, Valery Lippens, Charlie Dupont, Vincent Herbert and Michel de Launoit started D*TOURS, a Brussels and London based media and technology project developed by a collective dedicated to fostering a unique awareness of worldwide cities amongst visitors but also its own inhabitants.

Europeans having lived in Europe and the US, the 4 partners share:

* a unique sensibility to metropolitan environments worldwide;
* a perfect command of the latest audio technologies;
* a vision of unprecedented urban experience.



Charlie Dupont // Co-founder of D*TOURS. Charlie is a Belgian actor, writer, director and producer, who has appeared in film, television and theatre. Charlie was born in Tournai, Belgium. He graduated from the UCL Law University and acquired a degree in Acting from the internationally famous Cours Simon, the Klein Académie, and the Académie d’Uccle. Charlie has been the host of the Belgian cinema “Magritte Awards” since 2014. He is responsible for writing screenplays, recording, directing actors and narrators, and training new teams.


Valery Lippens // Co-founder of D*TOURS. Valery is a photographer who has extensively traveled the world documenting life’s most mundane moments in a unique, transformative way. He acquired a law degree from the Universite Libre de Bruxelles, a Political Science BA from Columbia University in NYC, and a Post Graduate Certificate in Professional Photography from Central Saint Martins in London. Valery has been a co-founder of Soundwalk in NYC before launching with Charlie Dupont and Michel de Launoit D*TOURS where he has been responsible for recording, mixing, playing with editing software, and training new d*tournees.


Vincent Herbert // Co-founder of D*TOURS. Vincent has served as the Global CEO of PQ Licensing S.A. since 2003. In this capacity, he manages the company-owned operations in Australia, Belgium, Paris, United Kingdom and United States and oversees the international franchise business. Prior to joining Le Pain Quotidien, Vincent was an investment banker with Bank Brussels Lambert ING from 1990 to 1999. In 1989, Vincent joined the Prince Albert Fund (PAF), a program that gives talented Belgian professionals the opportunity to work abroad in business development. Before joining the PAF, Vincent spent two years with JP Morgan. Vincent holds an MBA from the University of Antwerp UFSIA, from which he also graduated cum laude with a degree in International Business Affairs. Vincent resides in New York City and is responsible for strategy, finance..


Michel de Launoit // Co-founder of D*TOURS. Michel is the CEO and Producer of Tournesol Production and Sound & Music Expo. Michel has produced and directed many movies, TV shows, theatre plays, musicians, and is a co-founder of Akamusic, the first music Crowdfunding platform in Belgium which has promoted more then 85 musicians since 2008. He is currently launching a new project in Brussels: The MIMA, the Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art, a new contemporary art museum – the only one of its kind in Europe – that will take the public through a history of ‘Culture 2.0’. Michel is responsible for strategy, finance, and production.


Ariane Papeians // Co-Editor in Chief @ Live Magazine, Ariane gof a Bachelor degree in Economics from the Universite Catholique de Louvain. She also graduated from IESA, France (Master of Arts & Cultural projects Management). She has been a studio Manager at Atelier Fabrice Samyn, Consultant for Espace Bamboo, organized various exhibitions, directed a documentary on “Leadership” at Harvard University, Project Manager at Tournesol Production, and has been collaborating with D*TOURS since 2003. She has lived in Paris, Boston, and now is based in Brussels. After many years with D*TOURS, Ariane has acquired the means to produce tours by herself such as the Architecture D*TOURS in Brussels, the Molenbeek D*TOURS, as well as some commissionned ones.


Amélie Saillez // Belgian by birth, Amélie Saillez graduated in Communications, and got a Masters degree in Visual Anthropology from Goldsmiths College of the University of London. After 10 years working in the non-fiction field in production, distribution, content development and assistant directing, she has directed her first short documentary and her awarded full-length documentary “The Kingdom of Mister Edhi”. She lived in London, Brussels, and is now based in Barcelona since 15 years where she is developing 3 Barcelona D*TOURS.